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Welcome to the San Jose State University Film Production Society, where you can meet and collaborate with local filmmakers. We got it all here. For information on club meetings and workshop programs please refer to the About FPS page. Sign up and become a member today!

FPS meets every Tuesday at 6:00p in Hugh Gillis Hall 226.

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First FPS Meeting Today!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a awesome winter break! FPS meetings are back and ready for action. Today Hugh Gillis Hall 226 at 6:00pm. Be there! Bring your friends and lets have a good time! It's going to be a great spring semester!

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That's right the Spring 2016 semester is just around the corner. FPS is back, and we're bigger, better and badder than ever! Come by Hugh Gillis Hall 226 at 6:00pm on Tuesday, February 2 and we'll kick start the Spring semester with a bang!

Looking forward to seeing everybody there! Hope to see lots of old and new faces at this most epic of meetings!

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11/17: Meeting/Fundraiser at Pizza My Heart

What's that? A FUNDRAISER!? Yes that's right all you crazy kids, this Tuesday, November 17, from 4:00pm-9:00pm FPS is having a fundraiser at Pizza My Heart! This is also where we'll have our weekly "meeting" and by "meeting" I mean "PARTY!"

For more information, check out this super punk rock poster designed by Connor Benson!…

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Carlos Alfaro posted a submission
Too%20Drunk%20To%20Party.pdfThis is a mix of "The Hangover" and "Dude, where's my car", where two best friends, after a night of heavy drinking, lose their car, and must find their car, but before so, they must go on a trip to memory lane, and recol…
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12 pages, DramaFilm about a college film production.FPS2016SpringshortsubmissionRikutoSekiguchiMyImmersion.pdfFred, the freshman who never acted before, gets the lead role for a film. Chad tries to steal the show with intimidation and simultaneously…
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Hey ya'll. Here is my submission for the Spring Short 2016. I will see you tonight to pitch and may or may not rush out afterwards to get to class. Who knows? Here's the PDF:Finishing%20Touch.pdfSince craft services will not be provided tonight at t…
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